Support-Manager provides a bunch of useful features to make your life easier.


Tickets & Responses

Support tickets allow users to contact support stuff in a consistent and practical way. The support team can keep track of all problems and easily handle them to offer their users the best support experience possible.


Support-Manager is customizable for your server. That means that you don't have to deal with the bot's default settings when you don't agree with them. For example just change the prefix to one that fits your needs better.

Outlaw & Reports

Are your users occasionally being annoyed by spam or other sorts of misbehaviour? Support-Manager gives them the possibility to report responsible users to let you know. Once you traced the villain you can take action and outlaw him.

Voice Support

Setup a category for voice support and the bot will manage the channels. It dynamically and temporarily creates a new channel when the others are already occupied. You'll be notified when someone is waiting for support so you don't miss it.


  • Scopes
    Tickets can have different scopes. Depending on the scope a ticket behaves differently.
    There are three scopes available: "local", "private" and "channel"
  • Statistics*

    The bot provides rich user and server statistics that you probably find interesting.

    *Statistics are a prime-only feature.
  • Blacklist
    Support-Manager allows you to blacklist some users that you don't want to use the ticket system.
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